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Finally. Impian menjadi reality. Yup, after few years event ni dalam cabinet finally menjadi reality. 1st review aku pasal game ni boleh di baca disini.

So let see some statistic. 

1. We have 75 people enroll the game from age 57 yo to 18 yo.
2. We have 64 people start the game.. 
3. DNS - 15%, DNF - 37% and manage to do more then 51KM 48%.. 
4. Finisher group, Women veteran - 1, Junior Veteran 16, Open - 18 and Junior -1 
5. 70% of the finisher is 1st timer.
6. 80% of the participant overall is 1st timer.
7. 50% of the runner only do 21KM maximum mileage before doing this game. 
8. 80% of the runner manage to get their desire/target distance (from 30KM and above)
9. There is 17 loop cover in 9 hours to get 51KM as pre-requisite as finisher.
10. There is 2 big hill to handle.
11. There is 3KM cover + this 2 rolling hill.
12. The heat clock is about 38' that day at 1PM.
13. Elevation per-loop is around 70m and if we times 17 loop so we get around +-1200m gain. 

So what more we can ask for. With those heat + elevation + loop + 1st timer + those mileage all this ladies are better then what we and they can aspect and deserve my tabik spring. Itu satu cerita. The Pink Committee. As this is test for them, so far they are doing very well. There is few area to improve but all main component is covered. Minimum issue such..

1. No Coke, this is tag to agreement with Revive where Coke is their rival company.
2. Ice supply shortage after 2pm. This due to ice vendor not turn up as promise. 

There is some other idea for more better and interesting game next year.
1. To make a proper rest area for runner and supporter. Look not nice to see all the men be around at ladies rest area.
2. To get proper prayer area. Actually there is prayer area but the ladies a bit shy to do it at open space. So Pink team need to think something to handle this.
3. To make sure the booth personals being around. Can see some of the booth empty with no people.

So itu je yang aku nampak for now. So overall, okay pada aku and a lot of room for improvement. So next year this game will totally handle by Pink Runner and probably few more game Pacat in future. Congrats to all 75 people who enroll and want to make this happen and to the committee for the hardwork. Tabik spring dari aku.

Ada few credit aku nak kasi.

1. Abe Yim, being around to support the idea. Bantu jaga counter makanan runner. Korang untung lah, orang besi bagi makan tau.
2. Azfar, being around as official photographer. It sometimes already for him not being around in our game. He make his comeback.
3. Fadil and team, being around, bawak drone, amek gamba and buat sikit post Pink game. Mmg aku xtau nak ucap mcmmana dah dgn usaha korang ni.
4. Azmil, Kam, Fath, Cikgu Syed being around to cheer the runner. Give advise, share story. It really meaningfull.
5. Doni, Man Syukor, Bro Zack, Zaini being around to support.
6. Boss Azuddin and Jerry from PPJ yg sentiasa percaya pada kami.


*All picture credit to Azfar
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