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After Watergate, Siew Kong from Malaysia Ultra Runner Association (MURA) call and ask me if i am interested to give a talk in their 1st forum. Aku xdecide on the spot sebabnya aku kene get concern dari team pacat. So dri topic yang diberikan adalah Rise Of Asian Ultras dimana ada 4 panel yang akan cover pasal game multiday di Taiwan (Raymond), game di Philippines (Laifong San and Real Ho) dan aku akan cover Malaysia perspecitive and game organization.

So after having some word with the team and my manager Suzie (ecehh). I will represent pacat for the talk. So dgn kebisian sedia ada, aku pon prepare smua slide for that presentation. So apa yg ada dalam presentation aku boleh tgk kat bawah..

Anyway a day before the presentation suara aku hilang. So inform Siew Kong and  berserah je that day. Luckly sampi je dewan suara aku dah okay. Interesting there is about 20 people +- in the hall. So each of us presenting the scope given. I am the last presenter and aku cover more about ultra history and event in Malaysia. Lepas tu aku cover pasal Team Pacat and our movement on ultra development in this country.

Overall it a good experience for me to learn about such things. I have no issue on presenting seem that is my favorite in the office and this is not the 1st time in public. So another mile stone for me and the team. 



So aku harap perjuangan kami akan dapat diteruskan... Masih jauh lagi perjalanan dia.. Insyallah.. 

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