Watergate 16 Hours - Review

Nah... another game from us.. WaterGate 16 hours.

More info can bee seen here.. 

Ada few people bertanya aku pasal game ni. So aku rasa for each of game yg mai dari Pacat aku akan buat preliminary review skit lepas ni. Overall idea of this game is more on endurance. So kami letakkan masa pulak as a challenge. Kalau P50K go for 50KM + cuaca panas + tangga so WG16h kami letakkan kepada masa + mileage + odd hours + mental + cuaca. Kita up skit endurance challenge dia.

So remember masa + mileage + odd hours + mental + cuaca.. eh ada satu lagi.. tangga.. so masa + mileage + odd hours + mental + cuaca + tangga. So kami nak each game datang dengan keistimewaan dia sendiri. Jadi xda la org boring sgt nak ikut game kami later on. So WG16h ni kalau pegi dgn consistence pace runners boleh buat 100KM. Kalau berjalan je and korang boleh tahan in 16 hours korang boleh dpt at least 70KM. Wowwww..

Nak jadi lagi panas hati, we cut the route to 2.5KM sehala, so dpt 5KM je return. Nah, we will change Putrajaya to Zombieland that night. Harap xda la bomoh or seekers mai bawak paku nanti.  Lagi nak kasi panas, we will add stairs about 100meter near the start and finishing line. Herm, mmg best, serius aku sendiri rasa nak lari game ni.

Ok, so target kami is more on beginners to try this challenge. Pada yg senior aku rasa  it good for training such HK100, Titi100, TNF100 Thai, UTMF etc. Mcm biasa we try to maintain the game with No Frill concept.. minimum fee, more give and more enjoyable game. We try to have supper and breakfast selain free flow air and snack. 

Actually idea asal game ni datang dari Putrajaya Ultra Challenge (PUC) yg telah dibatalkan. Kami review balik dan revise balik all the concept so kasi lebih panas dari PUC. So, again, we try to get more new comer to try Ultra. That is the reason we come with no frill concept. If you want to know how far you can go in 16 hours, you need to try this game.

One more things, we are looking for a volunteer. Yup, we are going to have Pacat V-Army team as part of our program to recruit more volunteer to involve in such event. Hey not ordinary volunteer okay but Ultra volunteer. That is the reason we call it Pacat V-Army. All the comrades will be around in Ultra distance or hours. So we are looking for the people who love and up for the challenge. It not a matter of money and comfort but all about fun, challenge and adventure. So if you interested, register yourself at http://www.teampacat.com/p/volunteers_8.html

Watergate 16 Hours - Review Watergate 16 Hours - Review Reviewed by kuchalana on 7:37 PM Rating: 5

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