Race Report - Powerman 2013 (DNS)

Aku mmg semangat giler bila register event ni. Seriusly mmg aku tunggu event ni as a start for my next adventure. 1st thing yg menarik aku xda proper bike for this event. So aku sambar le satu yg murah2 as a start. Plan asal aku just nak kejar cutoff time je.

But things happen. Last week aku sudah hentam Climbathon and recovery rate aku teramatlah slow this week. Aku tunggu jugak, klu dpt recovery by Rabu, rasa still ok untuk redah but sampai jumaat masih ada rasa sengal lagi dekat peha and keting. So aku decide tuk DNS the game. Some friend kata ala, redah je. Actually it a bit risky sebab Powerman and Ironman agak technical. Bukan straight forward mcm lari. 

Secara jujur aku mmg agak keciwa but aku yakin things happen for a reason. Aku xpernah face such issue in all of my backtoback except for this one. So 1st, Climbathon especially Kinabalu is not a small matter. 2nd things listen to your body. 3rd game can wait. So, for now, aku kne simpan la basikal aku for any road event lepas ni. 

But aku masih hadir untuk memberi sokongan pada kawan2 yang berjuang. So next one? I will be a sweeper in 2XU run for 15KM. Yup, another volunteer job offer by my hensem buddy Cheong Hin. Anything for him, i will come one. He is part of my early day and the best lesson i learn about socks from him. Next week i will start my new schedule for major event in 2014. So time to enjoy my food and rest for now. 


Race Report - Powerman 2013 (DNS) Race Report - Powerman 2013 (DNS) Reviewed by kuchalana on 10:25 AM Rating: 5


@nannoor said...

thanks for coming arman, suzie dan kawan2 :)

kuchalana said...

thanks nano.. will catch u at putrajaya triathlon.. :P

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