Race Report - Back 2 Endurance 2013

Ehh.. maman ada uban..
At the 1st place aku mmg nak enroll game ni but lepas berkira2 dengan satu big project yg akan deliver in October. So aku kne tarik diri. Xkan sebab aku xda aku nak stop Suzi plakkan, so aku tanya dia nak try dak game ni. Dia pon belabelir nak pi sebab aku xda. Aku just ask her to try this to develop more on her endurance level. Lepas brief dia apa bak buat so she enroll the game. 

A week before the real day, Suzie akan kuchalana disebabkan dia xberapa comfortable to run alone. So aku just ask her to open kedai runcit as usual and get Aaron and Adam to help. At least dia xda la rasa gemuruh sgt. At the same time i get all Sabun member yg involve tuk come and share same ration and berkumpul dkt camp ni. Jadi it more happening pada smua yg bergemuruhan ni. 

Anyway, there is few virgin in Sabun yang mai nak try ultra distance ni. So it a good things to get them together and having fun. So far Suzie giving a good review on this game. Almost everything is covered for runners. So all Sabun runners manage to get their ultra distance (>50KM). Even some yang xpernah lari lebih 21KM pon ada yg manage to get their FM mileage. 

For Suzie she manage to clock 56KM with minimum issue. My boy from Team Pacat Junior manage to clock 5KM (Aaron) and 3KM (Adam) by pacing Suzie, even they learn how to become a support crew that day which handling the camp and become unofficial photographer. Aku rasa this is a good start to involve them and next year we are focusing on develop them to go for competitive event. 

So thanks to organizer (Jeff and team). Great game and i believe we need to continue all this development program to get more runners to try this kind of sports. Congratulation to all Sabun Circle of Friends yang berjaya clock some magnificence mileage. Sedapkan?


Race Report - Back 2 Endurance 2013 Race Report - Back 2 Endurance 2013 Reviewed by kuchalana on 1:11 PM Rating: 5

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