Outro: 2 Ultra 3 FM in 35 days

Finally, Alhamdulillah aku manage to handle this 35 days challenge dengan jayanya. Lebih manis, i did it with my wife Suzie. So some summary on all this challenge.

BIM 2013 (FM).. did with Suzie for full distance
RJM 2013 (FM).. did with Suzie for full distanceTMBT 2013 (Ultra).. i did 50KM and Suzie 25KM
Craze Ultra 2013 (Ultra).. we both did 102KM
SCKLM 2013 (FM).. only me do full distance

No major injuries, no fizikal and mental injury. No MC for me even i manage to involve with a lot of meeting here and there the next day. Suzi manage to run her business and household activities as usual. Anak2 pon look at us as usually, cuma hilang on weekend but will alway come back on Sunday ASAP. 

Just some reminder pada kawan2, don't try this if we really don't know how to handle it. It can cause serius injury (mental and fizikal). This part i really scared because nowadays people always want to try and do things without knowing the limit.  

Mak aku ada tanya, apa hang dpt? Aku ckp dpt penat.. it hard to explain actually. I just want to see my limit and so far, this is not my limit. I believe i can do more. I am not looking for any cun timing or cun performance. Enough kalau aku boleh handle the distance in reasonable time. Apa org nak ckp, itu mulut org. I am not doing this to please anyone. 

Dengan keadaan kami yg amat sibuk, dengan keje, dengan anak2, dengan rumah dan tangga, dengan business, dengan kawan2, dengan itu dan dengan ini, aku percaya dpt habiskan semua ni dengan jayanya sudah lah amat bagus. We have minimum time for out training, even sometimes jaki je tgk kawan2 yg dpt lari sana dan sini. So dengan limited time, dengan kekangan kerja dan smua hal rumahtangga aku rasa we already done this dengan cantik sekali. kalau kmi ada lebih masa, insyallah rasanya more better performance we can do.

So adakah cukup sampai disini? 

Insyallah, Suzi will do her next ultra this week. For me i will do Climbathon and Powerman this month. No even in November but 2 Ultra in December for me and Suzie. So, move forward for next challenge. 


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