Men's Barefoot Run Road Glove 2 - Review

Aku dah pakai this shoes for almost all road training yang aku ada in this coming month. So far mileage dah cover almost 100KM in this shoes. Actually aku face issues using NB20 (road and trail) yg aku beli awal tahun ni. Secara jujur aku mmg nak transform dari penggunaan kusyen, to minimalist and to total barefoot. So for now aku xboleh nak move secara mengejut so kne ada transition period.

So for now aku tgh biasakan minimalist for almost smua game yg aku pergi termasuk la ultra. So far aku manage to run in minimalist (NB10 trail) for 50KM tanpa sebarang masalah. Seriously i feel happy with that. But aku face issue dengan road. So aku yakin posture dan landing method aku masih xberapa okay especially atas permukaan keras. 

So for now aku tukar ke Merral Glove 2 ni which ada kusyen skit dan alhamdulillah it goes find for past 100KM. Seriously at this point aku learn a lot about shoes.

• Barefoot construction 
• Mesh and synthetic leather upper 
• Low cut upper 
• Protective toe cap 
• Reflective details for increased visibility in low light 
• Mesh lining treated with Aegis® antimicrobial solution 
• Wash as needed in cold water, gentle cycle and air dry 

• 0mm Drop / 4mm Cush / 9.5mm Stack Height 
• Vibram® Road Glove 2 Sole / TC1 Rubber


1st impression aku, it very light. Yg kedua, material, amat soft dan bumpy bila atas permukaan keras. Bila pakai, amat selesa which condition dalam kasut amat luas. So it really meet my requirement. Harga pon xda la merapu sgt dan masih dalam budget. Aku sambar dkt Studio R di Sunway Pyramid.

Masa 1st time test drive aku manage to cover 30KM in leasure pace. Xda issue langsung. Masa balik pon xda issue in recovery. Muscle bergerak mcm biasa dan xda sakit. So aku test for few more speedwork and same result. Before this for each session using NB20 aku akan face issue. Sometimes i feel pain sampai ke pinggang. So for now this shoes ready to serve me in my next backtoback marathon and ultra in September. 
Men's Barefoot Run Road Glove 2 - Review Men's Barefoot Run Road Glove 2 - Review Reviewed by kuchalana on 5:14 PM Rating: 5

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