2012 - The Best and The Worst

PD Beach Run for the Kids.. Podium edition

Craze Ultra.. lompatan maut difinishing

Koyak at Putrajaya Night Marathon

Merenung masa depan di Craze Ultra.. at Woodland 4am..

Pacer 30 hours.. partner in crime.. my brother in black..

At Kinabalu peak.. a week after Craze Ultra.. 

Comeback from my wife.. 1st ultra and FM for her..

The comrades really enjoy Desa Park City..

Another family event.. backtoback ni.. the done with Black Water Trail a day before..

Exploring Putrajaya by foot.. masa ni Bersih demo tgh jalan..

The Comrades having fun at Bukit Apek..
Podium edition.. KL Explorace..

.Kanak2 riang at peak of Kinabalu..

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