2nd Quater - What La Dey

Xtramile Team.. me and Suzi come to support Alex for this event..

Kita dah semakin hampir untuk menutup 1st quater 2013. So what is the plan for 2nd Quarter? As plan, 2013 xda banyak event untuk aku. More on development program untuk diri aku dan org2 terhampir dengan aku. So far aku cuma ada 3 running event in coming 3 month. 

1. Malaysia Women Marathon (April) 
2. Borneo Marathon (May) 
3. Standard Charted KL Marathon (June) 

This 3 event will be my LSD for 2nd quarter and probably will be a big event for Suzie. She will execute this one by one and as usually aku akan jadi pacer for her in all this event. On top of this, aku plan nak  register anak2 aku untuk few event which coming in this 3 month. So lets mother and kids do their run this year. 

Anyway, there is few plan for next Sabun Series in this 3 month. As usual, it will be host by Team Pacat Adventure. 

1. Mt Nuang from Janda Baik (April) 
2. Mt Dato double loop (May) 
3. Mt Rajah daytrip (June) 

So far plan untuk Mt Nuang dari Pangsun ke Janda Baik terpaksa dibatalkan atas sebab2 keselamatan and POJ50K akan berjalan seperti biasa on 3rd week of the month. So nothing much for this 2nd Quarter. Hope aku boleh fulfill to do more improvement in my training. 

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