Priceless 30 days


That is the best words for this craziness. Pada mulanya aku xrealise tentang crazy backtoback in 30 days sbb aku just kira each event base on month and not in week or days. So dari date aku turun Craze Ultra sampai ke Putrajaya Night Marathon it about 29 days and i did 2 ultra marathon, 1 marathon and 1 hike which Mt Kinabalu hike. Overall mileage about 213KM in 29 days. This is the highest mileage yg aku pernah buat which xtermasuk recovery run and taper run.

Craze Ultra (Craze)                                          101KM
Mt Kinabalu (Mersilau-Timpohon) (KK)           20KM
The North Face 100 SG (TNF)                        50KM
BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon (PNM)            42KM

Dari satu sudut, it really tough or pressure klu aku fikir2 balik. Luckly aku xface big issue in this 30 days. Sengal2 tu biasa la. Just i got the worst performance in last event which is PNM dimana aku xrecover well from TNF. That is my mistake and lesson learn.

So, for now aku rest from any big event. Next event will be Penang Marathon in next 1 month, itu pon aku lari Half Marathon je (probably double decker run HM and 10KM.. just to get all medal for penang before we go for new bridge). Lps tu 2 more ultra in December and done for 2012.

More speed work to do.. hope all goes well..

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RaYzeef said...

Congrats! Kerja gila semua ni...haha

eezard_vazz said...

Congratz Arman... U really inspired me to do my 1st Ultra next year, Insh Allah... Keep on running UltraMan hehe...

kuchalana said...

Ray .. tapi puas bro..

ezad.. thanks bro.. u also keep running and chase what u believe..

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