Pre - SCKLM 2012

My 1st run at SCKLM last year.. terus Half ko..

Yeahhh.. my 3rd Marathon in 60 days will be in next few days and this would be my 4th marathon overall in mylife. So far no high expectation in this event. The main target is just to finish it and proberly help En Zul to finish it aswell (his FMV).

So far i am more focus on few Ultra event which will coming in next few month, wohaaaa (a few ok). So latihan pon agak padat dgn keganasan dan backtoback. So far i did more smart method in my training rather then put to much day in training. Serius i can fell the different. Before, aku buat 1 tempo in a week, 4 normal run with short mileage and 1 long run. Serius aku kelesuan. So aku tukar plan, 1 tempo, 1 small run and 1 long run in a week. Long run tu aku masukkan mileage yg hilang, so aku manage to recover and feel fresh in a week.

I read a lot of artical, to much training will cause injury, long recovery and tense. Lagi aku terkejar2 dgn mende lain dalam kehidupan, so aku prioritise. Alhamdulillah aku rasa lbh stabil now. Futher aku push more on my long run in trail. So aku dpt rasa kesan ketegaran ditrail tu lbh sedap pada paru2, ulu hati dan kaki. Cuma berat aku agak kenaikan lps aku balik dari sarawak kesan pemakanan yg xdpt dikawal kat sana. Xpa, slow2 it will reduce due to my training and diet.

So, again aku xkejar apa2 pembaikan masa or kelajuan dalam edisi SCKLM kali ni. Cukup aku dpt habiskan dan help En Zul to finish it aswell. So far, aku buat byk weight training kat umah such angkat dumb bell and also lompat2 skipping. Giler sengal buat skipping ni. Terasa sampai ke jantung dia punya penat but much more effective in reduce weight. Jadi layankan je.

So lets enjoy SCKLM for this edition.
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June Malik said...

See u at km36!

Luvly Me said...

gud luck yo! see you this Sunday :)

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