What after TUC?

I just came back from Taipei and still in running high from TUC last 2 weeks. Currently i already plan for few things for next 3 months. Now concentrate on 3 marathons which will happen in every month from next month. It will be

Energizer Night Run 2012 (ENR) which will be held at Sepang F1 Circuit 21 April next month.
Borneo Marathon 2012 (BM) which will held at Kota Kinabalu 06 May.
Standard Charted KL Marathon 2012 (SCKLM) which will held in KL 24 June.

Actually between all this run there is Bali Marathon, Pattaya Marathon,Sundown Marathon which i'll push to have it next year. Aku rasa kne cuba all this local event before i go for more international event. Between this 3 marathon there is also some small running event which will become part of my training and proberly i'll be in pirate mood. Now i am more selective on the event rather then tamak to get all this at one time. At least i can concentrate more on developing my base running rate which i still have issue to have solid schedule.

Proberly they will be more projects and cutover for some of the region yg aku support and besar kemungkinan aku kne merayau merata between all this event. Hope xda yg aku DNS cause by work. Dulu boleh la nak adjust sbb SG je, now scope dah makin besar dan makin jauh. I need to really do a lot of check n balance between running, work, business, my own life and family. But i beliave LIFE IS TO SHORT TO BE ORDINARY and WE NEED TO MANAGE TIME RATHER THEN GET THE TIME TO MANAGE US and IF WE FAIL TO PLAN THEN WE PLAN TO FAIL.

Now i oledi have a schedule for this 3 event and the main target is to improve the time. Proberly more tempo and fartlek in my schedule and consistent long run with huge mileage. Now i still in learning to play around with pace control. Pace timing will come together with good base running rate. Jadi aku yakin part ni yg aku kne perbetul dan berkukuhkan. Lagi satu, weight also playing a big role in improving time in running. Jadi i really need to lose more weight in natural way. Currently berat aku xberubah dari 69KG for past few month.

Anyway, another suprise decision, now i am consider barefoot/minimalist running. Now i am having my own DIY Huarache. I did modify my Flipper to become my Huarache during my training at the stadium. Just want to see how long it can stand and also i need to kuatkan keting and tapak kaki for this. It better then blister issue which sometimes really kill my mood either in game or training. Ya, still more to come. Hope all goes as a plan.
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June Malik said...

Wah, you are on a roll. Good luck and all the best! Insyaallah, dipanjang kan umur and all goes well, see u at km36, SCKLM!

kuchalana said...

thanks kak.. insyallah kita jumpa SCKLM...

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