Race Report - Cameron Ultra 2016

Yeahhhhhhhhh... dah naik bersawang blog aku ni...

Actually i am to busy for this past 2 month and for next coming month as well. So no report for this edition. Aku mintak maaf banyak2. Aku percaya they are so much report ditulis oleh peserta dan pemerhati. So it will conclude overall about this edition.

So post game meeting recently kita dah review a lot of findings to make the game much more better next year. Ahhh, we decide to move the date early. Ramai yang pm bertanya why this and that even worst some make a comparison between Cultra and other game yang happen close to each other. So why we change the date?

1. We will have Sea Games in August. Kalau tak silap middle of August. So we aspect people and sponsors will start busy with this narional needs.
2. September we will have a lot of long holiday. So Cameron tu kalau public holiday sendiri mau ingat lah dia punya jam.
3. Last quater of the year (Oct, Nov and Dec). Kita dah dapat hint in Malaysia major calender about some event will happen for the sake of nation needs. Nak buat lagi best, Nov and Dec selalu track hutan di Pahang akan ditutup due to monsoon.

So pilihan yang kita ada hanya July.

Another good news, some big brand sedang berbincang to come in. So we positive to have this product and probably will bring this games to another level. For now we still open for any sponsors or brand to come in. Kalau ada yang berminat just pm us.

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