Race Report -Putrajaya 100 Miles 2015

Finally the game done. Fuhhh. Aku rasa dalam banyak2 game yg kami ada, P100 ni lah yg palingggggggg susah dari semua sudut. Just imagine kita ada

1. 80KM sehala dan 160 return
2. Kita ada beratus2 marker nak kne pasang for 2 days dan 2 hari untuk bukak balik
3. Kita ada 8 Check Point (CP) dimana tiap CP ada 
   a. almost 15 orang satu CP
   b. ada dekat 60 kotak air minuman
   c. ada dekat 10 crack coke
   d. 10 crack isotonik 
   e. Maggie sekotak besar
   f. berplastik Nescafe
   g. Berpuluh2 biji tembikai
   h. berplastic2 roti dan kek pisang
   i. dan bermacam2 makanan lain yg ada.
4. It takes 6 days overall to setup and clear the venue.
5. We have around 100 volunteer working around the clock for 2 days.
6. Management team already work 4 days non stop.

Kalau rasa kita nak complain macam2, better look back how big is the effort just to make the game succesfull. Ni bukan straight forward game which kita guna jalan raya or highway or loop. Beribu2 simpang involve, beratus orang involve, bertan2 makanan dan air involve, beratus jam kita bekerja sebab nak kasi korang lari dengan aman dan selamat.

So P100 2nd edition ni adalah kesinambungan dari 1st edition tahun sudah. Report boleh baca dekat sini. Probably terlalu banyak bad review yg kita dapat dalam 1st edition. As this edition we 1st time do it so we learn a lot from this edition. We take note all feedback, from nasty one to the good one so we can put more improvement in 2nd edition. It not easy actually to get all this feedback in place. Banyak kekangan yang some kita terpaksa main langgar some agreement and ethics just to make sure participant in good and safe. 

Some of the improvement to state here.
1. Much more bigger and proper marker (we believe still not enough)
2. Map is mandatory, so map will be the 1st source for the journey and marker is secondary.
3. Tighten the mandatory item where we have mandatory check before we release the bib
4. We have much more bigger medical team this round. We invest almost 16% of the budget for this which is damn expensive. We need to make sure runners is covered for any case.
5. We have much more bigger insurance covered for the game.
6. We have timing chip. We collaborate with some local vendor so it will help to get proper and better timing system (this will be for all Pacat game and not only for P100)
7. We did route familiarization 1 month before the game
8. We did few running clinic
9. We reduce a bit the price for finisher item
10. We give discount for return customer.
11. More nicer medal and t-shirt
12. Change on game format
    a. 52KM and 78KM start at night dgn 15 jam cutoff
    b. 100KM and 100Miles start as usual and same 30 hours cutoff
13. We give few free slot for "shining star". This is to encourage this fresh blood to try such game
14. We have special slot call Zack Layankanje Slot. This slot is in remember of our late Bro Zack. We give the slot to the most outstanding runners we have in the scene to run for him. So in this round we have Rino Irwan. He did CCC in UTMB recently. 

So as we always say we are listening. Especially for those yang write dekat kita directly. Kalau yang jenis berdrama or cari attention dekat social media pon kita dengar but we will not response. We will only response to those yang PM kita dengan ikhlas for improvement.    

The game so far run very well. Some statistic to share.
1. There is no finisher for 100 Miles category this round. 
2. We have eldest in the game 59yo in 100 Miles category and youngest is 15yo which one did 78km and 1 52KM
3. We have more friends from Borneo this round.
4. We also have more expat and international runner to run this round. 15% of the overall participation which it higher then last year. 
5. We have more new comer this round in 52KM which the higher participant in all categories. 40% overall
6. We have more female runner also this round where it cover almost 20% of the participant overall. It more then last edition. 
7. There is less DNF rate in other categories (then 100 Miles)

After the game finish we got few email reported on some runners cheating by taking shortcut. Actually we take this report and get the person in the report to clarify. This is fair to them to answer this issue. Actually we love all this scenario and we already know it will happen. Disebabkan game ni development game where non competitive and no hadiah. We believe people will understand what is "INTEGRITY" all about. Probably this group of people xpaham kot the real and hidden objective of this games. 

Ultra xboleh nak bohong, lagi2 yang ada systematic timing system. Sebab tu ultra community ni always we can see cool group of people. Yg jenis bohong, kaki complain there is no space for them. Sebab tu kami selalu tekankan it about "YOU...YOU and YOU". It all about yourself. Kita xkawal kalau kau nak tipu ke nak keliwon ke nak kelentong ke. Sebab kau tipu diri kau sendiri. Sebab tu kita jual finisher item. So people buy their own proud and pride. Kalau xhabis and kau claim and pakai all this finisher item it you yourself know kau layak ke idak. We want you to learn to be matured and learn about REAL ULTRA. So this is your 1st platform. Just imagine, diri sendiri pon nak menipu, it worst then any crime in this world. Biar la DNF xpa asal kita learn dan ada INTEGRITY dari take shortcut semata2 nak claim diri as ULTRA RUNNERS. 

Actually perkara ni bukan baru. Almost all game it happen "ONLY IN MALAYSIA". Even in big game pon it happen worst, yg podium pon ada jadi macam ni. So we hope all this people learn from all this point. People know, people see, people will judge you and people will remember you forever so stop all this nonsense behavior. Sampai mati orang akan bercakap okay.

So, what we will have next year?
Early plan we should have totally competitive event next year but at this point a lot of feedback we got, they ask to remain the format. So we will decide went the time comes. 

Here we also want to put our sincere apology if there is a lot of problem or lacking here and there. We already try our best to make the game enjoyable. We can't make it totally perfect which nothing is perfect in this world. 

Not to forget the most important people, vendor and parties that involve to make this event happen.

1. Perbadanan Putrajaya
For the venue sponsors but charging us by using all the facilities. Really hope next edition we can waive all this charges else they will be no more Putrajaya 100 Miles next year. To all bahagian yang terlibat, bahagian taman2, polis, penguatkuasa etc.

2. Nestle
For the breakfast

3. Top Bakers
For all Roti, Kaya, Chocolate paste and Kek Pisang at all CP.

4. Marathon Bakers
For all of the energy bar and also be around to make the venue more happening. 

5. M&M
For the apparel.

6. LifeLine ID
For the discount card

7. Celebrity Fitness
For the discount card

8. Kedai Borong Jalan Reko
For the drinking water 

9. The Cola Company
For special price Coke and Isotonic

10. Kedai Runcit Amad WestCountry
For special price and send all the watermelon

11. Kedai Nasi Lemah Cik Nah
For the breakfast

12. Kedai Nasi Ayam Pak Misai
For the Lunch and food all participant and volunteers

13. Kedai Runcit Pak Abu
For Kain solat dan printing

1. Transpay Solution 
For the online payment portal

2. Check Point System
For the timing system, online cert

3. Medal Depot
For the nice medal design. Personally to Sean which he come direct from Penang to be around during the game day. 

4. Ultron
For the nice t-shirt and support. Hope we can have more collaboration in future.

5. Pink Ultra
Be around, helping here and there

Be around, helping here and there and taking care CP8

7. Pacat V-Army
Our ultra volunteer. Being around for 2 days. Korang mmg giler.

8. Ultra Running Malaysia 
For promotion

9. Abam Yim and Shine
Giving so much input especially on the marking system.

10. Ketum Ultra
Being around to support (as MC, support bawah jambatan dan lari the game)

11. Mahamas Malaysia
For medical support. Korang lagi satu group giler.

12. Team Lori Sewa
Orang besi yang duk amek and hantar barang here and there.

13. Joe Juhasli
Our professional graphic designer. All design for P100 come from him.

14. Azfar
As official photographer

15. Personal or Group Photographer
All photographer that day, snap a shoot of our event.

16. All FB page, blog, personal page, running group, gossip blog, gossip group 
For all support by sharing, informing, mengata, mengeji, mengumpat etc

17. To all participant, yang hadir atau pon tidak. Without you all this game will not happen. 

So are you ready for 2016 edition?

Race Report -Putrajaya 100 Miles 2015 Race Report -Putrajaya 100 Miles 2015 Reviewed by kuchalana on 12:35 PM Rating: 5


masa itu.... said...

Congrats atas penganjuran yg hebat pak, miss lagi tahun ni, ade rezki 2016, hehe

Nick Phillips said...

Aside from one or two things that I thought could be better looked into for next year, the race was pretty well handled. Good job to you and your crew! Those yang tipu tu, I really don't know what to say la. Like you said, it's all about INTEGRITY. The community is small, you can't cheat forever.

gazimoto said...

another great event by Team Pacat !!! kipidab bro!!!

azrul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hai..saya tidak nafikn segala persediaan itu semua..tq so much.. Satu perkara yg buat saya tertanya2.. Kenapa ada peserta 100km d lepaskn pada pukul 3petang.. Setahu saya ultra lawan nya panas.. Tak kisahlh org tu laju ke tdk.. Sekurang2 nya dia turut serta blepas bsama2 peserta lain pada sebelah pagi..

kuchalana said...

Ada satu kes yg dilepaskan pd jam 3ptg. Dia ada emergency case that day and mtk kita untuk flag lambat. So kita xnak bazirkan duit org yg dah bayar kalau dia ada emergency case. Syaratnya kita xkan add more time to cover her lost timing.

kuchalana said...

Tq bro

kuchalana said...

Tq bro

Alfialfuddin said...

Tahniah tahniah, very proud and thanx for giving me the opportunity to be in this event

kuchalana said...

Tq bro.. We are taking some of the point from your blog in our post game report. Let c what we can do next year.

Unknown said...

Tp x adil lh bg kami..peserta lain start jam 7.10pg..panas2 d lalui bersama..sekurang2nya dia start sblm tghr..Tak adalh timbul rasa x puas hati..
Kami minta maaf bnyk2 dgn komen yg d beri..inilh yg tersirat d hati kami..

kuchalana said...

Wah.. Kami.. Ramai tu.. I beliave u all still didnt get it..

The challenge and adventure is belong to u.. So why we need to bother about other ppl yg mai lambat and skip the heat.. Ultra is personal game.. Individual achievement.. Even there is no podium or hadiah for this. It all about you. Again why kita nak pening fikir fair or unfair org mai lambat.. Dpa laginsakit sbb nak kne kejar cutoff yg pendek and dpa ada emergency yg maybe related dgn kes yg berat.. Kita xtau..

Actually kita terlalu fikir pasal hal org lain byk sgt ni.. Let them handle their problem xoyh kita susah hati sgt.. We come for the challenge.. And handle the challenge properly..

Unknown said...

Walaupun ini pengalaman pertama sy berlari jauh... Sy benar2 enjoy dan berpuashati dgn sistem penganjuran. Byk yg bole dipuji, spt adanye running clinic, route familiarization, crew yg bekerjasama, dan lain2 lg...

Bg sy, skit2 kekrgan tu rasanya runner2 x perlu la ambil hati sgt... Anggap je kkrgan tu sbg cabaran. Pepun tahniah lg sekali dr hati sy yg ikhlas utk penganjur & mrk2 yg terlibat secara lgsg atau x.

Teruja sgt2 utk mencuba lg di thn hadapan, InsyaAllah...

Azlan said...

Tahniah for the succesful & well organized event. I did 52KM in this event & i'm very very very satisfied with the crews, the team and everybody who put so much effort to make this event succesful.

anyway..i just want to give one suggestion...ehehehe... mohon tambah lampu/pelita/lantern @ CP2.. ekekeke.

peace yo!!!

You know who I am said...

The 13k stretch of Persiaran Selatan under the scorching heat of the sun & on the burning tarmac without shade & water station plus the hilly Taman Rimba is this race's signature. I will definitely invite more of my friends to join this but I will never warn them about that 13k road to heaven. I promise hehehehe...

kuchalana said...

Tq bro... akan dipertimbangkan..

kuchalana said...

Tq bro..

kuchalana said...

Tq bro... kekurangan.. kelebihan itu subjective bro.. bergantung macam mana kita lihat pada sesuatu perkara..

kuchalana said...

Tq.. jangan insaf

kuchalana said...

Bro... nak komen jangan panjang2 bro.. blogspot akan auto remove..

Unknown said...

terima kasih atas pengajuran yang hebat ini..tiada complain dari saya walaupun DNF..harap dapat buat lagi tahun hadapan..saya akan kembali..

azrul said...

hahaha....mcm siot...actually nk puji bnyk bender..alih2 dia show sikit jer..tu yg delete tuh...

apa pon nk ucap tahniah la utk event nih...mmg seronok..insyallah next year akan join lagi..

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