Clinic 101 - Ultramarathon, Basic and Requirement

After game Route 68 few month back, there is few issue happen especially on mandatory item. Jeff and Jason (organizer R68) facing a lot of issue when so many participant yang x comply to mandatory item. So they come to me and we discuss on how to handle this issue especially related to Team Pacat Game, Ultra Running Malaysia - URM (hosted by Jeff). Then lepas few discussion we get Andrew from Penang 100 to join the conversation.

So dapat lah idea to have Clinic 101. Agenda dia lebih kepada

1. Memberikan input or sharing session on what is ultramarathon
2. Target audience is newbie (terutamanya) and senior in ultra for future sharing info

So Team Pacat akan host in Putrajaya on 4th July as 1st clinic dan lelain dari URM dan Penang100 later. Actually aku xaspect akan ada ramai yg mai sebab satu bulan puasa, keduanya it a bit late kita start sebab nak kasi yg muslim habiskan terawih dulu. But a bit surprise bila kehadiran hampir 130 orang dari pelbagai latar belakang. So

1. Jeff cover about ultramarathon history and some basic info as 1st speaker.
2. Jason cover about mandatory item
3. Aku cover pasal do and don't in ultra and some review pasal game KOSL, Pink50 dan P100.
4. Tey cover pasal running ethic.

So far till today, we got a lot of good review on this inisiative. Concern aku lebih kepada memudahkan kerja kami as organizer. We can't aspect ppl will come and enroll dengan semua ilmu ni. So tugas kami tuk berikan ilmu yang patut supaya kita dpt developt more matured game, runners and environment. All this will take time but we need to start somewhere.

So kita akan ada more clinic soon. It will cover several area and we will get several experience runners to come and share their experience and ilmu. We will not get that ilmu so fast unless we do it ourself but again, it will involve a lot of things. So by getting all this peopleto share, we believe it will help.

More review can be seen at below link. Till next clinic. Ole.

Review by Jerome - here
Review by Marlina - here

Picture by Marlina - here
Picture by Jerome - here

Picture credit to Marlina and Jerome.
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