Running or Fashion Show?

* pic credit to glenn

Gambar diatas diambil masa Western State Ultra (100miles) last few month. So aku post gambar ni dkt few group dan menjadi perbualan dan perbincangan yang agak extreme about this picture. Apa yg istimewa sgt gambar ni? Ok, ini gambar masa dekat starting line before the game. Yang menjadi perbualan adalah persiapan dan kelengkapan they all for such event. 

Tgk betul2. There is no hanky panky item yg kebanyakan depa pakai atau bawak. As simple as we can see, they just run with simple t, short, shoes and some simple hydration stuff. Topi skit and maybe some simple food dalam porch/hydration beg. So come to a question, mana compression? Mana hanky panky hydration beg? Mana buff mahal? Mana baju ketat mahal? Even interesting champion Rob Korr, sampai finishing togel je. Dia sampai in sub 15 hours which is new record for 100miles worldwide (1st human run in sub 15 hours for 100miles). Dia sampai dgn simple short, botol air dkt tangan, simple shoes and sock dan tidak berbaju. 

So the debat come very hot. They throw a lot of question and we discuss about it.
1. Should running is the cheapest and simplest sports. Dgn ada kasut, proper attire dan we can start.. why it not like that nowadays?
2. Did brand play very big role in our performance? But why ppl in the picture can do it without brand?
3. Did product will really help us to sustain the distance?
Rob Krar at finishing

So a lot of answers come but again it to subjective pada setiap individu. Untuk aku, aku suka untuk kupas perkara ni dkt blog aku ni. Aku masih ingat lagi how Legendary Siew Kong explain dalam one of his talk (aku pi 2 talk dia one in barefoot clinic and one at TITI) and also few  legendary yg aku dpt ilmu dari pemerhati dan persoalan.

1. Our performance is up on how we training. Kalau kata nak lari kat tmpt panas so kne simulate dan biasakan. So aku tgk Siew Kong lari Badwater, xda apa product pon dia pakai but again he manage to finish it. So it our mind and body.

2. Abe Yim, as what aku tau dia ni lari mmg kurang amek gel. Dia bawak but jarang makan, he prefer solid food and we can see how he can go far that what we can aspect. Again xda special product on him.

3. Shine Teh, i saw him doing P50K. He do it sub 5hours for 50KM in extream hot weather. Apa yg aku nampak dia cooling his body temperature at every cp. Dia xamek makanan berat dan yg lebih menarik dia ni mcm Rob Korr, togel jer. 

So all this is really good untuk kita kembali kepada arfiah dan konsep larian sebenar. Did running become a fashion show nowadays Or it totally about running?

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RaYzeef said...

Arman, this is a good question.

I'm blessed to have the chance to run in the US, Europe and of course Asia. Based on my experiences this are what i wanna share.

Western States is the oldest Ultra Marathon race in US and the world. It's the first modern Ultra Marathon race and the birth of trail race.

Most American doesn't believe in compression wear, they like to keep things simple.
While European and Asian runners are more fashionable, they will wear the latest products in the market. Even in 10km run you will see runner wear 2timesU (not 2exU) from top to bottom.

Ultra running for American is a team sport, they will have a crew with them at Aid Stations. They provide food & water and pacer is must for them, some have few pacers in one race. That's why you see in the photo, the runners do not carry a lot with them, just enough for them to survived to the next aid station. Even in some race like Leadville, muling is allowed. It mean that your pacer carry all your food and water, runner run light. Manja betul!

For European and Asian runner, they run solo and more independent. They carry everything they need in their pack/bag. Most of them does not believe in crewing or pacers, it's like cheating for most of them. I had this discussion with fellow Ultra Runner from UK, 4 times UTMB finisher. He is damn proud to finish UTMB by his own effort without pacer or crew. That why no American has won UTMB yet. except for Rory Bosio (women Champ). Tony Krupicka, Tim Olson are too dependent on crewing or too manja.

So it's all about choice, which one benefits you as runners most.
I'm also proud to finish UTMF 169km without pacer nor crew plus wearing the latest fashion from Salomon...hehe

kuchalana said...

They your are... the most answer yg aku nak dgr dari seorang yg layak berckp berkenaannya..

Ray san.. Agreed bro.. i think we did talk about this sometimes.. American and European having different way of doing it.. and asian ada yg follow any of the way.. it all about choice..

Julin Julai said...

First time commenting here so Hi! Salam!

I totally agree with you. Running has become a fashion show.
To me, tak perlu all those high-tech-newest-in-the-market running shoes or compression tights or skirts or apabendalah lagi la to run efficiently.

All you need is train diligently. Kalau training bagus, kita pakai apa pon waima kasut Power sekali pun , timing boleh tiptop.

People need to understand that these running accessories aren't magical instruments to make them run faster or easier. It's all within themselves to achieve that.

My 2 cents.

isradhkakim said...

Awesome post bro.

kuchalana said...

Thanks Julin Julai...

Nowadays people move with brand.. we can't move far from all those extreme marketing... dari bukak mata pagi sampai kita tdo balik malam... all about marketing.. dari surat khabar.. sosial media.. online media.. billboard tepi jalan.. kotak barang yg kita makan.. sampai la kedalam mesjid pon ada marketing ads.. So smua ni faktor2 pemboleh ubah manusia moden today...

kuchalana said...

Thanks Israd Jaafar...

taufek said...

tq for the QnA..very we malaysian can know the roots..hehe..btw will be running my 1st 50k this coming march in yaa

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