Bye.. Bye 2013...

Alhamdulillah, done with 2013 game. Ada yg dpt dibuat as plan ada yg gagal, ada yg DNS dan macam2. Itu adalah rencah biasa dalam dunia sukan especially sebagai weekend warrior. Yup, please don't compare with people that so call elite or people yg ada terlalu byk masa. I am just semut merah yang sentiasa mencuba yg terbaik dalam dunia sukan larian tegar ni. So what i have in 2013...

5 Ultra
Beaufort 60K, Craze Ultra, TMBT, Nuang Ultra Trail, TNF100 Thailand

4 Marathon
SCKLM, River Jungle Marathon, Borneo Marathon, Malaysia Women Marathon

Climbathon 2013, KL Heritage Explorace, Chap Ayam Relay, Makna Founders Run

2XU Run

Nuang Trail Run, Cyberjaya Trail Run, Pangkor Round Island

Seremban Half Marathon, Powerman 2013

Putrajaya 50KM, Sabun Series Every Month

Nice hah... lebih menarik aku manage untuk drag Suzi to do her 1st FM and 100KM this year with minimum issue. And now dia pon dah makin sedap with all this long distance event. Aku manage tuk clock about 2200KM this year compare dengan tahun lepas which is 1600++KM. Aku drop about 3KG sepanjang tahun and now maintain with 64KG... on and of la berat aku ni... biasa la.. recoverynya makan mcm hapa.. So in 2014.. more selected event in the list. I will focus more on organising event and also local event expecially larian gunung. So for now confirm game for me and Suzi in the list are...

Vibram100 Hong Kong in January
TITI100 in Feb
Xterra Trail Run in Feb
MWM in March
Pisang Relay in April
Xterra Trail Run in May
Kuching Marathon in August
Sundown Ultra in September
Craze Ultra in September
SCKLM in October
Climbathon  in October
Powerman  in October
PBIM in Nov
TNF100 HK in Dec

And i will reveal some info on what we are going to organize in 2014.. some already in place and some  still on going.. so watch for the date.. 
WaterGate 16 Hours (4 January 2014) 
King Of Bukit Larut (April)
UKM Ultra  (August)
Putrajaya 100 (November)

On top of all this we will also will try to organize some simple game/LSD all the way 2014...
Black Water Fun Run - 30KM
Hill To Hill Fun Run - 30KM
Mardi Fun Run - 50KM
Shah Alam Fun Run - 50KM
Sabun Series every month

We will focus more on Ultra development in Malaysia and Insyallah we will try to bring total No Frill event untuk keseronokan bersama. So hope for better 2014... 
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Anonymous said...

heyya congrats on the achievements and all the best for the upcoming ultra-datang-lagi events !!!! two thumbs up frm missjewelz !

kuchalana said...

thanks julie... u are part of this craziness... waiting for your comeback...

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