Race Report - Putrajaya 50K

Finally, alhamdulillah this game pon berlaku. It another milestone to the bigger one. Biar start small so we can learn more about it. So below is the story about this event. Agak unik untuk dibahaskan.

Bagaimana ia bermula?
Idea asal datang dari salah satu event yg patut berjalan pada tarikh yg sama di venue yang sama. Disebabkan kami xdpt good response dari pihak berwajib to have halal and registered game (even we did't get any confirmation letter or email or call.. dono this is the type of professionalism that they have. .call xangkat.. pegi sana depa xda.. xtau apa kes dorang ni.. we believe they not interested with any Ultra event). So we decide to go with other game using the same date but different route and format. Disebabkan aku kekadang buat route budak2 kayuh dkt highway belakang dari Cyber ke Alamanda tu so come across why not we try this route. 

Jadi kami recce the route to get 50KM sehala. Plan the format. This is the best part. We plan to have simple and easy game.  With minimum payment participant will get the pain and support required. Even we plan to put the necessary treatment that Ultra runners should get. So we put below is part of what we are going to have. Actually it goes with long debate among us seems it to much with the fee. But as we are moving as part of non profit group so we will us what ever resource we have to give back to runners. Luckily semua cukup2 with the fee. 

1. Minimum fee so we decide RM20. 
2. No Medal and finisher T but we give some origami T as memorable item on this game. 
3. We will have 4 water station. 
4. We will have drinking water, 100+ and Coke at each water station.
5. We will have sponge at specific water station
6. We will have ice at all water station (we use 10 big bag of ice)
7. We will have nasi lemak at start and finishing
8. We will have marker at any confusion junction.
9. We will have marker on the ground (decide not to do last minutes due to environment concern)
10. We will have recovery station with ice bath and recovery drink (ini amat mewah dan diperlukan)
11. We will have marshal on bike that day
12. We will have Chicken Exit way which we put as minimum distance for any ppl yg plan to DNF. At least they all sampai to this marker. 
13. We have 3 cars on standby for any issue related
14. We will use whatapps and FB chat to update runner status on the spot. There is a case runner hilang dari radar and we all go look after him.
15. We will open the registration until the morning before the game. So we have online and walk in.

So u see how nice we are. 

Main concern on the game is on the route. Actually we have 2 route. Route A, sehala 50KM and route B is sehala 25KM and turn back using the same route. Jadi masa buat route mapping for the 1st time kami jumpa few place yg agak memerlukan perhatian. For session ultra runner aku xrasa akan ada masalah cuma kami risaukan yang baru. So kami really write all the pantang larang in each of our update just to make sure smua yg enroll understand the situation. 

So masa recce route, kami jumpa something xbest. At the tunnel near alamanda ada satu sarang tebuan sudah jatuh. Ada betul2 atas jalan motor. So as the game will go for next 3 week kami decide to get Bomba or Rela to help on this. But after 2nd reece a week before the game sarang tebuan ni masih berada disitu dan tak bergerak dari sana. Worst ianya masih active. So xtau la Bomba or Rela kita ni really amek kisah atau tidak. Make things much more worst, we do this recce by foot. So kami hampir2 bonk dkt alamanda (25KM). Seriusly cuaca teramat panas. It reach 37' at 10.30am. So ni bukan kerja main2. 

So balik dari 2nd recce we decide to use route B. We need to revise back all our plan to meet this route B requirement. We did have a lot of meeting day and night even we have concall to decide the best that we can to make sure safety and runners terjaga. Pikir2 balik seriusly it fun working with this 2 crazy people. 

Hari kejadian
At 3am aku dah bangun. En Zul mai and pickup all the item. We went to Taman Seri Empangan. Setup the gazibo and off we go tuk pasang marker. At 6.30am, 19 yang turn up dari overall yang register and they ready to go. Mcm biasa, ada muka2 biasa dan muka2 luar biasa. With small breifing we flag off ngam2 at 7am. Kmi xnak delay2 sebab xnak dpa terperangkap dengan panas. So smua jalan at 7am.

Lps tu we all make a move to our designated waterstation. Suzi, Marlina and Nanno jaga WS1 which is Start and Finish. Aku Zaini and ahboy jaga WS2, Zinov and Aaron jaga WS3, Zul and Adam jaga WS4. Untuk aku sendiri, lepas clear runners from WS2, aku akan merayau hantar keperluan mcm ais etc selain merayau all the way route just to make sure all runners okay. 

Kami tutup WS4 at 11am. So far all runners manage to reach there at 11am. We plan to close WS3 at 12.30pm and all runners manage to reach on time. We plan to close WS2 at 2pm. Due to some runner still nak teruskan (walaupon dah almost 2PM) so kmi xtutup WS2 until 3PM. At 12PM 1st runner (the name of lady gaga) sampai ke finishing and last runner (kacukan kenya katanya) reach at 4PM. Smua sampai dengan minimum issue. Pada yang 1st timer, Congrats, u are ultra runners now and please don't stop here. Go and learn more, enroll more game to improve. Pada yg dah biasa, aku rasa this is another great training ground for next event. 

So we wrap everything at 5PM. Seriusly aku boleh rasa bonding yg ada antara mereka yg hadir. Senior2 yg dah sampai lama boleh lepak and cheers all the runners expecially yg baru2 ni. A lot of citcat talking about ultra running and can feel those warm welcome to all those newbies. Tq pada senior2 yg hadir dan yg menunggu.

Statistik Keseluruhan
So statistik keseluruhan selepas hari kejadian

- Total registration: 41
- Starter: 19
- Total dnf: 4
- Fastest time: 04:58 hours
- Last runner time: 08:52 hours
- Highest temp: 37' Celsius
- Youngest participant: 24 years old
- Oldest participant: 56 years old

Perkara Pro dan Kontra
There is few things we learn in this game

1. Disebabkan fee dia murah, so people take it easy. So peratusan DNS agak tinggi.
2. We need to have more marker, rasanya ada yg pening bila balik after uturn and cannot see the marker properly.
3. Kami jumpa few newbies yg agak hebat. Even ada yg dapat pace some super senior in ultra and finish the game almost in sub 5. Kalau polish and expose lebih skit ni confirm boleh kejar killian. Sebab tu aku rasa kita kne ada more such runcit game so all this newbies boleh di polish more. Actually we have a lot of talent tapi smua habis terendam sebab xda platform and probably financial constrain.
4. They really love the nasi lemak, actually plan sbnarnya nak kasi roti and buah je. But Suzie kata nak sponsor nasi lemak so jadi antara perkara terbaik we have in this game. Ada yg bantai sampai 5 bungkus. So we need something good for finishing.
5. Ada group yg amek chicken exit and it work as we plan. Due to cuaca dan keadaan group of runner ni aku rasa it wise a decision. No harm to DNF in this game, you know how hard is it so we still put a high respect to this group of people. 

Terima Kasih
- Sponsorship
   * LKW Frozen Sdn Bhd for drinking water.
   * KShop Solution for sponge, printing and ice.
   * Suzie from Pink Runners for Nasi Lemak.
   * Mikael Zinov Hardware for paku and all hardware.

- All participant (hope you guys having fun)
- All volunteers 
  * Marlina, Zaini and son
  * Nannoo and the kids
  * Team PACat Junior 

- All Sabun guy and fellow runners who come to support. 
- Jeff Oii from Ultra Running - Malaysia for FB cover.
- Nick, Marlina, Ray for blog cover.
- Penonton, SportHub, Carirunner, LYN Runner, Chap Ayam, Kuching Runner United for event cover in blog and group. 
- Any personal people or group (FB, Blog, etc) for any cover related (good or bad review)

Really2 big thanks to my super crazy buddy here.. ZUL and ZINOV. Hope this will not stop us here. Insyallah we will move for more event soon. To SUZI yg bantu aku and support aku n team dari mula sampai habis. To Aaron and Adam as part of the crew.

So next will be POJ12 Hours.
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Nick Phillips said...

A very well organized event guys! It was an experience being around all those seasoned ultra guys. Looking forward to the next one already!

kuchalana said...

Nick... u are doing great.. we will keep u posted on next event soon..

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