Race Report - Men Shape Night Run 2013

Semangat membara katanya..
Actually aku xlari pon game ni. Tahun ni Suzi yang lari. It part of her LSD. For this edition aku jadi babysitter je. Sebenarnya aku terlibat dengan few system cutover this weekend. So aku agak busy dengan backtoback office activities which involve few countries. So sementara aku jaga anak2, aku duk busy jugak dengan opis work.

Petang tu hujan turun agak lebat. So aku just brief Suzi on simple strategy. Takut plak kaki dia blister teruk. Payah pulak nak lari next game. Sampai venue, hujan dah mula reda. Just gerimis je. But the road still wet. Aku tgk Suzi xmcm game2 lain this time. She much more cool and calm. So aku rasa dia dah tau how to handle mental issue before, during and after game. Ini penting ok, else seblum game, nak ketandas je keje nyer.. masa game plak kejap sakit sana.. sakit sini.. lps game plak.. duk lemau je.. Malas je.. So in this game i can see she is more ready.
Baby sitter sedang bertugas

Baru lepas hujan.. sejukkk..
So she is on her own this time. Dari cerita dia lepas game, she just go as  normal plan, go laju downhill and straigh road and simple run/walk uphill. Berhenti setiap water station and refuel. Futher she keep doing the same role as we always did in FM and Ultra. Encourage people to go and keep moving. She manage to pace satu untie ni sampai ke finishing. Which untie ni baru seminggu start training. I believe this is some good thing that we can do in games.
Anak2 yang lebih excited sebenarnya..
Jadi Suzi finished the game without any issue. Bangun pagi pon xda sakit2 and i beliave this is good sign for fast recovery seem dia dah lari 2 FM in 6 days gap. For me plak, this is the 1st time aku duk kat finishing tunggu orang habis berlari. So i can see all this fast runner come to finishing. Can see super friends Din Sofia and Stupe very fast reach the finishing. Maman, Rashid, Abe Yim, Khairi and almost smua yg aku kenal sampai almost sub 1 hour. At that point rasa geli je kaki aku nak lari.
They are everywhere...

Pasukan Sorak..
Done for this.. Now the big one will happen in next 5 days. Perasaan? Xda perasaan excited pon.. masalah betul. My head now more on all this office project.. So again, not much hope on next game. Just plan to finish it with minimum issue. 
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@nannoor said...

terbaiklah arman & suzie!!

kuchalana said...

Thanks Nannoor..

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