2 Ultra 3 Marathon in 35 days

5 honeymoon in 35 days
It happen again. Yup same like last year at this moment. Backtoback almost every week in September. Make it more fun this year i am going to do 100KM in a gap of 5 days. Fun huh, so what is the event. 

Borneo Marathon - BIM - Road - (25 Aug 2013)
River Jungle Marathon - RJM - Road - (1 Sep 2013)
The Most Beautiful Things - TMBT - Trail - (14 Sep 2013)
Craze Ultra - Craze - Road - (21 Sep 2013)
KL Marathon - SCKLM - Road - (29 Sep 2013)

This things happen due to 2 games postpone which is BIM and SCKLM. Klu tidak, xda la banyak sgt backtoback yang ada. So far i am still on track for all this 5 games. Make things fun, i will run 4 of this game with my wife Suzie. She will do her 1st 100KM in Craze Ultra and i will pacing her all the way on this game. 

BIM and RJM will be our LSD before go for the big one. Suzie will do some small run in TMBT and not running SCKLM which she will do another ultra few weeks after SCKLM. Beside all this training and family commitment, i will be in really busy state for few other big project happen in the office. 

So this 2 month (aug and sep) will be stressful month for me. I believe this is the challenge that we need to tackle. So just see how it goes. Anyway, a good news beside having 2 ultra and 3 marathon in 35 days, we also will have 5 honeymoon in this 35 days. Nice hah.. so lets rock September...

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