Sabun Series Update

Age is not an excuse to run

Currently some people ask why this month POJ50K buat on 4th week. Actually disebabkan clash dgn TNF100 Pinoy and Island Ocean Marathon so we decide to move ke minggu ke-4. Mungkin minggu ni pon ada clash jugak dgn Xterra and also Kidney run but we foresee a lot of long distance runner will be in recovery run.

So we did have a plan to have 2 Sabun Series in a month start next month. This is for preparation pada mereka2 yg akan ke TMBT, Craze Ultra, Sundown Ultra, Mt Rinjani Ultra and Leadville in 3rd quarter. So we will have 2 venue for this activities. 

Which we will have in 2nd week of the month. Probably on Saturday. Start at 7am till 7pm. Mana2 yang mampu la, tpi advise to have at least 20KM minimum. Route until last camp before Lolo. It is 5KM one way.

Which we will have 4th week of the month. Probably on Saturday night. Start at 9pm till 7pm. Mana2 yang mampu la, tpi advise to have at least 20KM minimum.

So pada sapa2 yang mencari mileage, you can just come and have fun with us. On top of this, we also plan to have some back to back activities which we will have it a day after Nuang50K. This will be leasure run at Bukit Ayer Hitam on Sunday morning. Start at 7am till 12pm, minimum 3 loop (10KM).

In fasting month, we will change the plan. We will have 2 session as last year. Same 2 times a month. 2nd week and 3rd week.

Friday (after Tarawih prayer)
3 loop Bukit Ayer Hitam

Saturday (after Tarawih prayer)
30KM at POJ. 

Anyway, to those yg ada disekitar Putrajaya and Cyberjaya. I will be in Tasik Cyber almost everyday (evening start at 6pm) for some speedwork activities and Ray will be at POJ route almost every night for his Leadville preparation. So if you want to join, just come.

So again, plan your training from now seems a lot of Ultra event will be held in 3rd quater 2013.


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RaYzeef said...

Great plan for Sabun Series.

sabun all the way :)

eezard_vazz said...

Looking forward to join the Nuang50K , guys... It will be my 1st visit to run there... Excited!

kuchalana said...

Ray .. lets grow the ultra community..

Aizat.. come.. kita sabun sama2..

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