Race Report - Malaysia Women Marathon 2013

* report written by Suzie.. yang mana yang baik jadikan teladan.. yg xbaik jadikan sempadan.. :P

Most people have their own reason to start an active lifestyle and so do I. As a brief review on my life, I’ve been in this running world quite for some time, which is since I was in standard 3. It might be the genetic that I got from both of my parents who are athlete as well when they were young. Yes it is true that I started young but the longest distance I’ve ever do in my life would be 400m as I used to be sprinter in school despite going to higher level in representing my state in the event. Never in my life that I would go beyond those distance. So, my hubby and I started the crazy idea of involving in the running world after he had been diagnosed for some health problem. Not a major one but we take an early action to avoid it worsen. We realize how important for us to stay healthy as to see our children grew up, getting them to grade their high school, entering university and completed their study, seeing them getting married and have grandchildren of our own. We could not afford for not being there for them throughout the years unless it is time for us to join the creator. 
Bip collection

With Madam Sabun

3 ladies in da house.. lps ni smua lari UTMB..

I guess enough on it as if I am to write about it, I could write pages after pages about it, ngeeee…. So we started our run somewhere late 2009’s and have been involved in hiking as well.. by the time I found out that I am pregnant to our last baby, I decided to take a long rest while my hubby keep on with his embarking healthy routine. Months passing by but my passion to run grew higher day by day and finally, as to get me satisfied, I registered myself for the pink Charity Run in August which by that time I was 5 months pregnant. Hubby couldn't say a word anymore but he keep encouraging me with the run that I am going to be in. on the event day, I manage to complete 5km walk/run and I do ‘overtake’ many runners on my way to finishing line…did I satisfied? YES, very… and I do slow run also along the way with the big bump ahead me ;) Am I crazy? You decide…

So, telling about MWM…here is the flow:

I only managed to do quite limited running and training as in preparation for this event. My weekly mileage would be in average 30-45km only and very few LSD throughout months before MWM. Thankfully the Le Sabun Ultra team had arranged at least 1 LSD in every month which I am really looking forward to attend it. The challenges come before the event as I couldn't really follow my training schedule as I need to readjust it as to fulfilled my role at home and also to the business I’m in at the moment. It is not an easy task to be done but I am very grateful that my husband and kids can tolerate with my needs during this whole weeks. 
Pasukan Ibu2 Kental

Borak kat FB je.. now see face to face

Another challenge is the mental tolerance that I need to cope with. As I have been doing ultra (incidently) before this, the pressure is there as people may expect much more than I can do. They may think that ultra runners can make it to full marathon with a piece of cake. It maybe for others but not for me as I am really fresh in this long distance running. With this MWM thing, it would be my 8 months of on and off training after giving birth to my baby girl. But, with the encouragement received from husband, family and friends, I decided to carry on with it. 

Counting day after day to MWM is not an easy thing to face as a daily routine but that is the fact that I have to face. With regard seeing friends posting about their training on Facebook while I cant make it, really make me feel terrible. The only training time that is available for me is after 10pm (after getting house chores done – and yes I don’t have any maid even though I have 4 kids because I am ok with it at the moment, getting the shop to end the operation time and after all the kids sleeping tight beneath their blanket) and that is under a no-no light mini stadium. It is quite creepy as well to run in the dark but that is the best choice at the moment for me…as long as my hubby accompanies me, I am ok with it. The training that I have would not be daily, just 2-3 times in a week and a LSD during the weekend (that also can be count)..not to say that I am not serious in training but the understanding to tolerate the priority in life is more important to me, despite my passion to running. 
Cool mummy..

Lepas geram.. patut dia letak orang.. bukan gendang..

My last LSD which I manage to cover 30km in 4hours 25mins (plenty chit chat pace with HMV for the first 15km) strongly build and boost up my confidence level that I might can make it to complete my FM Virgin in time. Honestly, I feel that I already make it to 30km with that timing, what other than 12km to go..i bet I am right with it but do I? Keep on reading attentively ya… ;)

So, 2 days to go and I couldn’t sleep well..urgh, that is really torturing actually. 3hours, that is the only time that I manage to shut off all the body system on Friday night and on the event night, and only a couple hours before our departure to the venue for some rescue-ing with the banana. On my way to I-city, hubby try to calm me down with many words of wisdom but I bet my heart trumbling like it is almost boost out of me.. Never been this nervous even for my ultra… ouch..

My MWM Day
We arrived at the venue at 1.13am and we rushed to the volunteer camp as to deliver food supply to few friends and end up helping them as well. This is one way that I really being thankful to hubby because I can ease out here and forgetting the fact that I am going to run at the moment.  By 2.35am (yes, I am counting every minutes to FM flagoff), we returned to the car and get ourselves ready for the event and do some so-called warming up. As I was in my mid way to warm up, aunty Justiffa passed by and join us to the starting crowd. Along the way, many familiar faces can be seen as well as the new comers too. Seeing The Running Couple just before the event started (and taking pics with them +wishing each other all the best) give extra motivation by that time. Apart from that, it is great to happy see all the ladies gathering in such a historical and blessed event and the pacers with numerous cute and funny clothes as to cheer their lady partner. 
With incredible Yim

Cool buddy.. ni curi tulang byk ni...

The flagoff siren is on and there we go…I could see many ladies rushed to pass by the carpet and after that is my turn. After the ‘beep’ sound, all the nervous-ness disappear and it is the battle is on. For the first 4km, all runners run in an easy pace and in one group and though it is quite cold, I’m starting to sweat all over. By then, the large group been spread into smaller teams. We run quite in a fast pace for the first 15km, and really enjoy the view throughout the run. I tried to focus but I couldn't help it as I always looking forward for the distance marker. In my mind, I keep on minus-ing the distance that I need to go through. Really, this is quite challenging than the ultra (trail) as the hilly area is very stretched further to the front and the feeling running on the road is totally different. Hip joint started to give warning signal as early as 20km but I just ignore it. I guess my face really tells what I felt at the moment and hubby decided to change the run routine. We’ve gone through running every 2-3km and have a 50-100m fast walk until the 28th km tent. Along the way to 28th tent (from 20km markers), we passed by quite a number of runners that inspires me throughout my journey. I’ve been crying (just the tears flow on the cheek for few seconds) for few times in this time, not as to say proud for taking over them or being able to leave them behind, but it was the feeling that ‘Wow, I am running with them, my idols..’. By this time, running with as if there is a bomb on your chest for trying to hold on tears is not easy. You might feel want to stop running and crying underneath the tree by the roadside, and that’s how I feel; but thinking of my pacer waiting for me and have to stand on my numerous silly act, I decided to put away the so-called tears of whatever and carry on with the run. Gosh, it is way to go. To be frank, that is one of the condition that I could not control at all. People who see me crying by that time might thought that I am crying in vein but hey….you are wrong… seeing my emotional time, hubby rush us to stop and hug me for a moment… fuss fuss, the feeling has got away, and smile has come to cover the tears. And yes, pacer is needed there. If not, I might cry wooo wooo behind the tree and may scare other runners as well.  
Another ibu ganas..

Ni lagi ganas.. xda training terus buat HM..

But the run need to be continued and there we go, in a slower pace and enjoying hi-5 with other runner. By this time, we saw many other runners been ambulan-nised and few started to walk. At first, the hilly stretch was ok but after a long tiring run plus plenty walk, the hill looks like a never ending way up front. Yet, it is time I started to sing (inside my head) those little children song as London Bridge, Lenggang Kangkung, Baa Baa Black Sheep and the most frequent of all Enjit2 semut.. This technique have been implemented in my ultra run as to avoid myself from thinking about the distance anymore because it is time to finish the game that we’ve started together. 

Dah kne dah penyakit si Shine..
Don't try this at home

Reaching the 30km, I can say I am rather steady to run and out of sudden, I came across this mental block syndrome which I guess occurred in the last 6km. At time, I feel like my leg wont go further anymore and I started to hold on to the bag that my hubby is carrying. Seeing me in my zombie mode, he hold my hand and pulled me all the way the long and last stretch hill. Renee and her pacer have been with us since then and it is good to meet them. Both of them keep on encouraging me throughout the last few kilometers away. It is very helpful actually. From the distance marker 39th km to 40th, I guess that is the longest distance I ever felt, it is felt like I have been run/walk for 10km but never to get any appearance of the marker 40th km. Hubby keep on telling that it wont be much further, we have to go up the last hill, then go down a bit and turn left and bla la la… by that time, I cannot get any image to form in my head no matter how detail he described it, what I remember the most is, he asked me to save my tears until the finishing line. How dramatic it could be.. Just then I guess there isn't any sign of 40th km…sigh…but eventually, I saw the most wanted marker showing 41km and my feeling by that time just like I found a big box of treasure and the numbers blinking attractively. Sound like bit silly but that’s the reality…hehehe…I got my fighting spirit back and swinging my hand tremendously to start myself walk faster and I can see the excitement in hubby’s face, I know I ‘tortured’ him well this time and knowing that the finishing line is just in the next corner. Last words from my husband is, ‘Come, lets run with me to the finishing line. You can do it..’ and with proud, I started my few last steps running up the hill with pride. The crowd has been cheering for us when they saw our sight and I am so touched but by then, I have no more tears to make it a free flow. It was a run with pride and joy. Yes, I decided to jump at the finishing which during in the air, I got my left leg cramp…what a bonus… After all, the joy had overcome the cramp and it is nothing better than to finish the game. No word can describe how I feel at the moment but if anyone urged to tell them so, the only thing I can say is, ‘Come and join the run, then you know how it feel’.. of course for first timer like me, I guess that is the feeling of others years ago.
1st pacer 12 jam.. now pacer 6 hours.. lepas ni pacer 32 jam... opppsss..

Kne interview lagi.. bagi aku E..

Post MWM
Nothing much happened after the race. As usual there would be the crappy walk (walk like a crap up and down the house stairs), and a tired body. The crappy walk only last for one day and the next day, all the pain had flushed away. I guess it must be because of the expert treatment received back home.  Immediately after reaching home, hubby will make sure that I have my leg ‘dipped’ in a pail of ice and water, and had my icy bath too before off to bed that afternoon.  Recovery was at marvelous level and this morning, I manage to have my 3km slow recovery run after kids off to school. Guess what I’m thinking right now??? Only if I could be more crazier than this in the future… 

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lina said...

Sangat kagum with you juggling all those. Congrats you!!!! :)

Unknown said...

Congrats again, Suzie. Jadual kita lebih kurang sama. No maid, and the only time to run during weekdays are usually at nights. Terasa nak give-up je kadang2 hehe.
Thumbs up to Arman jugak, sangat supportive. Hope to see you guys again soon!

Unknown said...

Superb madam suzie!! Kak june pon ade..she is our cousin!! Small world!

Unknown said...
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RaYzeef said...

Congrats Suzie and Arman...gambar dengan Shine tuh memang paling best...hehe

kuchalana said...

Lina.. we have timetable at home.. smua mende kami tolak dan ansur.. anak2 pon smua independent.. so far alhamdulillah.. there is a day.. i cook.. :P

kuchalana said...

Milly.. kepuasan dia berbezakan besarkan anak2 depan mata?

Kim salam ngan Nadza.. i beliave he is part of t=your adventure.. :P

kuchalana said...

Huda.. turn anda hujung bulan ni.. all the best..

kuchalana said...

Tq bro.. jgn lupa pengat pisang ok..

eezard_vazz said...

Tahniah Kak Suzie.. FMV no more akhirnya... Laju gak tuh despite all the emotions roller coaster... Kagum2, sgt bangga dgn Kak Suzie n Arman... Hidup le Sabuns Ultra! Hehee... Pasnih 2nd FM sure lebih bedesup nihh... Caiyukk2...

kuchalana said...

Thanks Ezad.. more to come bro.. Idup Le Sabun..

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